14 dec 2023

  •  Highly improved performance on the Pixel tracking endpoint by caching certain resources.
  •  Upgraded the replay recording library to the latest version of 2.0.0-alpha11.
  •  A better looking custom scrollbar is now applied on all widgets that are scrollable.
  •  Improved the looks of the “Logged in as Team” bar at the top of the page for the Teams plugin.
  •  Upgraded bootstrap CSS/JS to latest v4.6.2.
  •  Push notification subscription modal will now only automatically show to the user if their browser is compatible for the Push Notifications plugin.
  •  Stripe implementation has been reworked to support the latest available API version.
  •  Fix pay page not having default values selected in some cases.
  •  Fix ad blocker detector not working properly.

17 November, 2023

  • Implemented new filters for users logs: device type filter, city search, continent filter, country search, browser name and browser language.
  • Reworked the email analytics reports to look better and be more clear.
  •  Improved look and reworked the help pages.
  •  The ad blocker detector will only be triggered when a user is not logged in and does not have the No ads plan feature.
  •  Cleaned up and optimized duplicated translations.

12 October, 2023

  • Upgraded ReCaptcha, PHPMailer, TwoFactorAuth, Stripe project dependencies to their latest versions.
  •  Other small code improvements, changes and tweaks across the whole product.
  •  Fix API User endpoint not working properly.
  •  Fix Paypal recurring payment rare issue when the business name is not provided.

14 September, 2023

  • Upgraded from FontAwesome 5 to FontAwesome 6.
  •  LinkedIn login transitioned to the new version required by LinkedIn.
  • Other overall look and feel improvements.