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SimplifyAnalitycs' Features

Embark on a journey of enhanced web analytics with SimplifyAnalytics.

Our comprehensive suite of features is designed to empower you with actionable insights and a deeper understanding of your digital landscape. From Visitor Tracking to Custom Domains, each feature is crafted to elevate your online strategy. Embrace the simplicity, precision, and power of SimplifyAnalytics and transform your data into your greatest asset.

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Unveiling Advanced Web Analytics Features

Features of SimplifyAnalytics

Enhanced Dashboard

With SimplifyAnalytics, your dashboard isn't just a tool; it's a gateway to understanding your digital footprint and enhancing your online influence.

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Comprehensive Overview

Experience clarity like never before with our all-encompassing dashboard. Designed for intuitive navigation, it presents a holistic view of your traffic trends and patterns at a glance. Key metrics are distilled into actionable insights, ensuring you're equipped to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Temporal Traffic Evolution

Track the pulse of your website's performance over time. Our dashboard dynamically displays traffic evolution, offering comparative analyses across days, months, or years. Witness the growth and identify seasonal trends to optimize your digital strategy.

In-Depth Page and Source Analytics

Delve into the content that resonates most. Our dashboard ranks your top-performing pages and unpacks the referrers driving traffic. From organic search to campaign-driven visits, gain a clear picture of what attracts and retains users.

UTM Parameter Insights

Refine your marketing efforts with precise UTM parameter tracking. Understand the efficacy of your campaigns and make adjustments in real time to maximize ROI. Each click tells a story; we help you read it.

Goals and Conversion Tracking

Set benchmarks and monitor progress with our Simple & Custom Goals Tracking. Whether it's sign-ups, downloads, or specific user actions, track your key conversion points effortlessly.

Granular User Data

Segmentation is key. Access city-level granularity, and dissect statistics by device, operating system, and browser types. Tailor your user experience and technical optimizations with data-driven precision.

Features of SimplifyAnalytics

Visitors Analytics

Discover the heart of user engagement with Visitor Analytics. Go beyond basic metrics to a nuanced understanding of visitor behavior and session dynamics, empowering you to optimize your website with precision.

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Deep Dive into Visitor Insights

SimplifyAnalytics provides an intricate understanding of your visitors. By evaluating behavior patterns and recurring actions, you gain clarity on what captivates your audience and what areas need refinement.

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Comprehensive Visitor Overview

Access a complete profile of every visitor. View detailed records, from overall visit history to individual session flows. Trace their journey across your site to understand what engages them.

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Session and Action Analysis

Delve into the specifics of past sessions. Our tools let you analyze the sequence of visited pages and every action taken, providing a clear narrative of each visitor's experience.

Visitor Identification

Turn anonymous statistics into personalized insights with our visitor identification. Integrate your CRM or other customer databases to align tracked sessions with known customer profiles, enhancing your ability to deliver tailored experiences.

Features of SimplifyAnalytics

Session Replays (Beta)

SimplifyAnalytics' Session Replays offer an unparalleled window into your visitor's experience. This feature is not just about tracking clicks or page views; it's about visually recreating the visitor's journey through your site.

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Witness Real User Interactions

See exactly how visitors navigate your website, capturing every click, scroll, and interaction.

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Identify Usability Issues

Spot obstacles or glitches in the user experience as they happen, allowing for rapid and informed website improvements.

Optimize Conversion Paths

Analyze how visitors move through your sales or conversion funnels. Understand where they drop off and what captures their attention, providing valuable insights to optimize these paths.

Improve User Experience

By observing real interactions, make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall user experience, ensuring your site is intuitive, engaging, and efficient.

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Goals and Conversion Tracking

Set benchmarks and monitor progress with our Simple & Custom Goals Tracking. Whether it's sign-ups, downloads, or specific user actions, track your key conversion points effortlessly.

Session Replays are invaluable for any business looking to deeply understand and enhance the user experience, ultimately leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Features of SimplifyAnalytics

Heatmaps (Beta)

Heatmaps are an essential tool for any website owner looking to increase engagement and refine their website design based on actual user behavior.

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Versatile Heatmap Coverage

Create multiple heatmaps for each website, offering a broad view of user engagement across different pages.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Analyze user behavior across various devices including desktops, tablets, and mobiles, ensuring your site is optimized for all users.

Click Tracking

Our click tracking heatmaps offer a detailed analysis of the most interacted areas on your site, allowing you to enhance user experience and improve key elements of your pages.

Effortless Website Analytics with Advanced Control

Websites Management

SimplifyAnalytics provides a robust Websites Management feature, allowing you to seamlessly track and analyze multiple websites under one account.

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Versatile Tracking Modes

Choose between Advanced and Lightweight modes for each site, tailoring your tracking to your needs. Advanced mode offers detailed visitor data and session replays, while Lightweight mode ensures faster performance with essential tracking.

Custom Domain Integration

Easily link custom domains to bypass ad-blockers, maintaining consistent data collection.

Event and Session Tracking

Opt-in for comprehensive event tracking and session replays, capturing detailed user interactions.

Weekly Email Reports

Stay updated with automated weekly reports, keeping you informed of your site's performance.

Simple Website Addition

Adding a new website is straightforward, ensuring your expanding online presence is always under insightful surveillance.

Manage and analyze your portfolio of websites with precision and ease using SimplifyAnalytics' intuitive platform.

Features of SimplifyAnalytics

Privacy: Empowering You with Data Ownership

SimplifyAnalytics stands out with its unwavering commitment to data privacy. Our service is designed to ensure that you have complete control over your data.

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Full Data Ownership

Every piece of data tracked by our platform is yours. It’s stored on your servers, giving you full control and ownership.

Visitor Opt-Out Support

We respect the privacy choices of your visitors. Our system allows users to opt out of tracking, ensuring compliance and respect for user preferences.

DNT Compliance

SimplifyAnalytics adheres to 'Do Not Track' (DNT) settings in browsers, respecting the privacy settings of your visitors.

No IP Collection

In line with our privacy-first approach, we do not collect IP addresses, prioritizing the anonymity and security of your visitors.

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Choose SimplifyAnalytics for a privacy-centric analytics experience, where data ownership and ethical tracking are foundational.

Features of SimplifyAnalytics

Teams Management

Our Teams feature allows for seamless sharing of insights and data access among clients, colleagues, departments, etc. fostering a more integrated and efficient approach to website analytics.

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Create and Collaborate with Ease

Agency Plan Privilege: As an Agency plan account owner, you can create teams, crafting a collaborative space for data analysis.

Invite to Empower: Send invitations to potential team members. Once they accept, they'll join your Team workspace with a Free account enhanced by team access.

Controlled Access: Assign specific website analytics access to each team member, customizing their analytical view.

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Seamless Team Interaction

Accessing the Workspace: Team members can easily log into or exit the team workspace from the Teams menu.

Full Analytics Features: While in the team workspace, members enjoy complete access to shared website analytics but cannot create new websites.

Maintaining Individual Flexibility

Separate Account Management: Team members can independently manage their Free accounts, including upgrading to access more features.

This means that you can setup a "subaccounts" style and give independent access to clients to their own dashboard. Members of a team cannot edit any of the settings of a shared website, only the one's they create themselves on their own accounts.

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Features of SimplifyAnalytics

API Integration

SimplifyAnalytics offers a comprehensive API, built around REST architecture, to extend and integrate our powerful analytics capabilities into your systems.

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Seamless Integration

Utilize our JSON-based API for a smooth integration with your existing applications and workflows.

Secure Authentication

Our API requires Bearer Authentication via an API Key, ensuring secure and controlled access.

Flexible Endpoints

Access a range of endpoints including User data, Website Statistics, Custom Domains, Payments, and Logs, providing a versatile toolkit for your analytics needs.

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Available endpoints

User: Retrieve one.

Websites: Retrieve all, Retrieve one, Create, Update and Delete.

Website statistics: Retrieve one.

Custom domains: Retrieve all, Retrieve one, Create, Update and Delete.

Payments: Retrieve all and Retrieve one.

Logs: Retrieve all.

Easy-to-Use Examples

Get started quickly with our straightforward examples, like using curl for requests, making it easy for developers to connect and retrieve data.

API documentation is located at https://simplifyanalytics.app/api-documentation, inside your account, only for customers with the Agency plan.

Leverage SimplifyAnalytics’ API to tailor your analytics, enhance your applications, and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Features of SimplifyAnalytics

Lightweight Mode

SimplifyAnalytics introduces a revolutionary Lightweight Mode, designed for speed and efficiency without compromising the quality of insights. This mode is ideal for businesses seeking essential web analytics while maintaining a fast website performance.

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Ultra-Light Tracking Script (< 6 kB)

Our tracking script is under 6 kB, ensuring minimal impact on your website’s loading time. Fast and unobtrusive, it provides essential analytics without slowing down user experience.

Cookie-Free Tracking

SimplifyAnalytics's Lightweight Mode operates without cookies or local storage. This approach not only speeds up the process but also aligns with user preferences for less intrusive web experiences.

Compliance with Major Privacy Regulations

Adhering to GDPR, CCPA, and PECR, this mode ensures compliance with key privacy laws. By eliminating the need for tracking cookies, SimplifyAnalytics removes the necessity for tracking consent, streamlining the user experience while respecting privacy.

No Tracking Consent Needed

Due to its non-invasive nature, our Lightweight Mode eliminates the need for tracking consent banners, offering a cleaner and more user-friendly website interface.

In summary, the Lightweight Mode of SimplifyAnalytics is the perfect solution for websites prioritizing speed, user privacy, and compliance with international data protection regulations. It offers the essentials of web analytics efficiently, ensuring both user satisfaction and regulatory adherence.

Features of SimplifyAnalytics

Custom Domains

SimplifyAnalytics' Custom Domains feature allows you to connect your unique domain or subdomain to our analytics, aligning your data tracking with your brand identity.

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Easy Domain Connection

Point your A record to our IP or use a CNAME record for seamless integration.

Custom Landing Pages

Redirect visitors to a specific URL when they land on your domain's index or encounter a 404 page, enhancing user experience and maintaining brand consistency.

Personalized Branding

Strengthen your brand presence with a custom domain, making your analytics dashboard an integral part of your digital identity.

Embark on a journey of enhanced web analytics with SimplifyAnalytics.

Ready to revolutionize your analytics experience?